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Breaking News - Zwonitzer's Voter Fraud

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The Heritage Foundation which has done some of the most comprehensive work on issues of voter fraud. They define various forms, impersonation fraud at the polls, false registrations, duplicate voting, fraudulent use of absentee ballots, buying votes, illegal assistance at the polls, ineligible voting, altering the vote count and ballot petition fraud."
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What was number two on that list, false voter registration. Here we go! Good morning my friends and welcome to this special breaking news episode. from high above all other pedantic forms of Wyoming mainstream media, this is cowboy state politics. I, of course, am your illustrious host, David Iverson, broadcasting to you from the base of the Bighorns in Beautiful Buffalo, Wyoming.

This edition of cowboy state politics is brought to you by all of the sponsors that support this program, The Wing-It Food Truck, Morton Buildings and Gunrunner Auctions. It is only through them that I'm able to draw the veil back and show you exactly what's happening in our capital city and it is only through the support of this audience that I'm able to continue to do so.

So my friends, this one especially is for you.

Among the many things that are necessary for a strong republic, near the top of the list is election integrity. Without it, our system cannot function. Without election integrity, Any government risks the steep slide into autocracy. Citizens have to know that their elections are fair and that they will be kept fair. That's the only way that it works.

Guys, we entrust our system to elected representatives and make no mistake, it is our system. It belongs to each and every citizen. It's not a tool of the powerful, rather it is a tool to rein in power. It is for this reason that when one of our elected officials subverts our election system, they must be prosecuted.

Elected officials must be held to a higher standard because the position to which they are elected is a direct reflection of each and every citizen that voted for them. Their behavior is a direct result of their view of the people that put them into office. Elected officials write the laws that each and every one of us are held accountable to. They above everyone know what they are. And it is for these two reasons that each and every breach of our trust must be addressed. And if it is to be found that that trust has been violated and shirked, then the guilty party must be held to account.

Voter fraud is by far the most serious crime that can be committed against a citizen. And it doesn't matter if it's one instance or 100 or 1000 or a million or 10 million. It is just as severe because it steals away the vote of each and every citizen and my friends,
despite what the mainstream media, the Casper star and the cow pie tell you voter fraud is alive in Wyoming.

We began the program with the Soundbite talking about the Heritage Foundation's investigations into voter fraud. Number two on the list was false voter registration. It manifests itself in a couple of different ways. Of course there's the way that you see on the news where one group registers a whole bunch of fraudulent people that vote in the election that sometimes they got the names out of the cemetery.
But another way is acting on false voter registration.

Ask yourself this what is the very first question you are asked when you go to vote? It's to verify your address, isn't it? So each and every time that you go to vote, you're asked to verify your current address.

During the last general session, the state of Wyoming passed a voter I.D. law that means that you have to present some sort of identification at the polls before you vote so that they can verify that you are who you say you are. One of the things that law is trying to combat is false voter registration.

Except for only a few exceptions just about everybody in the Wyoming State House of Representatives voted for that voter I.D. law. In every case, at every vote, he was able to, Representative Dan Zwonitzer voted in favor of the voter I.D. law. So there is absolutely no possible way that Representative Dan Zwonitzer is not aware of all of the election integrity laws that exist in the state of Wyoming, most of which he voted for. Statewide voter registration rolls that were pulled January 27th, that was last Thursday, of 2022 showed that Representative Dan Zwonitzer's voter registration reads 521 Cottonwood Cheyenne Wyoming. That is the house that he sold and closed on on February 21 of 2021--Almost a year ago.

Through a Freedom of Information Act request, documents obtained by Cowboy State Politics show that Representative Dan Zwonitzer voted in the tax election in Laramie County in November of 2021. As we all know, the most likely first question he was asked while at the polls voting in person was to verify his address.

But even if he wasn't asked to verify his address, Representative Dan Zwonitzer, of all people, knows what the voter registration laws in the state of Wyoming are. Remember he's the co-chairman of the Corporations, Elections and Political Subdivisions Committee. He knows what the laws are.

This my friends is the very definition of voter fraud.

The most likely reason why he didn't update his voter registration is that it would have raised questions as to what his current residence actually is. If you've been listening to Cowboy State Politics over the last few weeks, you know that there are already serious questions as to whether or not Representative Dan Zwonitzer lives in house district 43. This evidence of voter fraud is perhaps the best indication that he doesn't.

Voter fraud is a serious matter. It's a criminal one and it has to be taken seriously. As we all know, the investigation into where Representatives Zwonitzer lives has been passed to the Wyoming State House of Representatives. The person in charge of that is Speaker of the House Eric Barlow. He's to investigate the qualifications of Representative Zwonitzer to be a legal Wyoming representative.

The issue of voter fraud, which I have just detailed for you is not part of that investigation though it does inform it. Voter fraud is a criminal matter. Do not let the Wyoming mainstream media convince you otherwise. But as it relates to that investigation, as to where Representative Dans wanted our lives, the allegations are credible.
They absolutely are and they deserve a fair hearing.

But as we learned in the article published in the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, Dan Zwonitzer said that all of legislative leadership knows about this whole situation and if that is true, they need to recuse themselves and appoint an unbiased third party to investigate. If legislative leadership attempts to brush this under the carpet, a vote of no confidence needs to be taken in the Wyoming House of Representatives. But that's just regarding his qualifications to be an elected representative in the state of Wyoming. The voter fraud is another matter entirely.

And in fact, I spoke to the prosecutor in Laramie County yesterday,
here's what she had to say:

<Soundbite Laramie County DA Leaigh Anne Manlove>
I'm sure you're aware of all the news surrounding Representative Zwonitzer?

Yes, that's he, he serves in the state house here in Laramie County.

Right, Right House District 43. Here's my question for you. How do you feel about voter fraud?

Well, I think it's real. I think it's isolated, but I think it does happen. And you know, when when those issues are brought to my office, that's something that we take seriously, just like we do any other investigation. So we look at that, we look at the evidence,
we weigh that against the law and then we make a charging decision.

I'm glad to hear you say that because you know, so often matters that involve politics, there's a segment of all of those investigations that, oh, well it's just political. You know, this this doesn't this is doesn't really constitute a crime, right? Let's handle it politically. But when we're talking about voter fraud in my estimation, I mean, that while the penalties aren't nearly as severe as if you, I don't know, knocking over a liquor store or something,
They are a serious crime or a serious accusation to make.

And you know, when you've got an elected representative that's facing some of those allegations, I'm I'm very happy to hear that um those cases will be looked at and investigated on their merits.

And you know, there are interesting things that law enforcement can and should do. So for example, I mentioned if there's a criminal case that comes to my office and I have a conflict in the case, I have to essentially farm that out.

You know, I have to ask another prosecutor to handle the case because I don't want there to be even the appearance of impropriety. Well that should apply to law enforcement as well. So In a case where let's say House District 43, um and one of the investigating officers lives in that house district very likely that at least has the appearance of impropriety. So it really might be better to have an unaffiliated law enforcement agency conduct that investigation,

Something like a special prosecutor or something?

Well, the division of criminal investigation which is housed under the Wyoming Attorney General has four teams. So the state is broken into the northwest, the northeast, the southwest and the southeast, so that when they're, for example, is an officer involved shooting, it's not local law enforcement who's investigating, you know, their their brother or sister in blue.

You you have a team from a different part of the state come in and conduct that investigation. And I think on an issue as fundamentally important asthe voter fraud, you should exercise caution. And just to protect against even the appearance of impropriety or a conflict of interest asked that, you know, a team from a different part of the state investigate that that allegation or that claim.
<End Audio Soundbite>

So whether Dan Zwonitzer's actions were the ultimate act of timidity or brazen political arrogance, it really doesn't matter. He voted in the November tax election in Laramie County knowing that his voter registration was false and he didn't correct it. That's by definition voter fraud. It needs to be investigated and prosecuted.

Two last points here: now you might be thinking that "well, you know,
I've moved and it's been a while since I've changed my voter registration. In fact, I probably waited until the next election." Therein lies the problem: Dan Zwonitzer sold his house, he moved and he did vote in the next election, but he didn't change his voter registration like the rest of us would. He's an elected official and he needs to be held to a higher standard.

He knows exactly what our election laws are because he voted for them. And the most likely reason why he didn't change his voter registration is it would have brought up questions as to where his actual residence is. Last, you'll notice that you haven't seen one penetrating question come from members of the Wyoming mainstream media. In fact,
they've pretty much just let Dan Zwonitzer say whatever he wanted to in interviews. They are absolutely covering for him plain and simple.

I refuse to cover for any politician because I have too much respect for you. They should also.

All of the documents that I have mentioned in this special breaking news episode are available at cowboystatepolitics.com under the show content tab. Please go look at them for yourself.

Thank you for listening. From the base of the Bighorns, in Beautiful Buffalo Wyoming, I'm David Iverson, and this is Cowboy State Politics.