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Why the Little Box, Dan? 1/29

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A conservative group has found no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the state, unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud.
The New York Times went to every state looking for evidence of fraud and found none. Election officials all across America saying no widespread fraud, there's no evidence to back it up and it is not something that we have experienced here.
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Here we go!
Wow, I don't know. But they evidently did not look very hard for voter fraud in the state of Wyoming, all we had to do was look at one specific individual to find what we were looking for and that guy is just going to absolutely love it.

You know my friends, it is a blast to be me behind this microphone.
I mean admittedly some days are better than others but days like today, it's fantastic! Tom Lubnau gets a federal court Smackdown.
Representative Zwonitzer's problems continue to mount and we get to talk about Redcoated Frontier Republican founder Gail Symons. I just can't imagine what could possibly be better. I know you feel the same way and I'm telling you my friends, we are going to have a blast on the program today.

So welcome to another scintillating episode of Weekend Update from high above all other purile and pedantic forms of Wyoming mainstream media, This is Cowboy State Politics. I of course, am your llustrious host David Iverson-broadcasting to you from the base of the big horns in beautiful Buffalo, Wyoming.

Before we get started with this extravaganza, some completely unnecessary and egregious self promotion. You can listen to the podcast on any of your favorite podcasting apps--I Heart-radio Itunes Amazon Podcast, really any of them will work. But the easiest way is just to go to the website Cowboy State Politics.com. There you can find all of the shows as well as any of the articles that I might bring up during the course of a program. If your name is Redcoated Frontier Republican founder Gail Symons and you just don't quite understand what's going on, Well, you can go to CowboyStatePolitics.com, pull up an article and educate yourself--
after all that lady pretends to be an expert on just about everything else. I just can't imagine why she wouldn't find Cowboy State Politics.com To be the intriguing website that it is.

I'd like to begin with the Pravda on the Platte but of course I can't because they're actively engaged in covering for Redcoats. It has been over a week since this program broke the news that Dan Zwonitzer most likely does not live in house district 43. Not one single article has been printed in the Red Star uh Casper Star Tribune. And the fascinating thing about that is the Casper Star's 307 politics reporter victoria Eavis was present at the G.O.P. State Central Committee meeting held in Douglas where the Wyoming GOP voted to send these allegations to the Wyoming Secretary of State's office. Not one single article. Just about every other media outlet in the state of Wyoming has printed an article about the trials and travails of poor representative Dan Zwonitzer. Calm your pretty little beating blue heart Representative.

Oh, I forgot he's a Republican but it's too bad that everything else he does smacks of being a blue blooded democrat. On second thought, though that's not really accurate because the Democrats are honest about who they are.

So anyway, we have to start with the cow pie. Que the Frontier Republican spooky music!

For you listeners that are new to the program, let's just talk about the Frontier Republicans just for a second. They claim to be Republican. But the things that they believe in would only make sense if you were in the Twilight Zone. Take for example, their facebook page: the top post says, and I quote "This group had a request to follow a group called Equality State Taxpayers Association. I see Chuck Gray, Doug Gerard and Harriet Hageman. It appears to be an attempt to rebrand the extreme right wing with a new name, but the same worn out no new tax message. Thanks" end quote Barf.

You see there's nothing more Republican than not wanting any new taxes, fiscal conservatism anyone? That's just one example, but anything that is actually conservative, The Redcoated Frontier Republicans don't agree with. Hence the Twilight Zone.

To the cow pie! In an article entitled "Despite Failed Lawsuit,
Plaintiffs Hope Legislature Will Change Nomination Process for Vacant Seats." "Frontier Republicans, according to the group's website is a grassroots organization dedicated to promoting civility, engagement and conservative values in Wyoming politics." Yeah, like fiscal conservatism.?

Anyway, "the group is registered with the Secretary of State's office as a political action committee. Gailey [sic] Symons," Yeah, that's what it says. "Treasurer for the Frontier Republicans noted that the plaintiffs in the lawsuit include Republicans, Democrats and Independents."

Hold it right there! They may claim to be Republicans, but they're not. They're Redcoats. Anyway, the article continues, "this lawsuit has nothing to do with the Frontier Republicans said Symons, who is also a plaintiff in the action. Basically, Frontier Republicans has become the boogeyman for the state republican structure." End quote.

No, not the boogeyman Gail. But you are a group that is in no way conservative. For example, Redoated frontier republican Joe Pinocchio Mcginley was the only person in Douglas to vote against sending all of this stuff about Representatives Zwonitzer to the Secretary of State.
I'm sure had Gail Symons actually been a voting member of the State Central Committee, she would have voted against it too, but she's not. See, the Frontier Republicans represent the establishment ideas that are mostly liberal, in just about every case, bigger government, more spending, more taxes. Does any of any of that sound like a Conservative Republican idea to you?

So while they're not the boogeyman, they are the group that is largely responsible for the state Wyoming is in. A massive size of the state government, massive spending and I can go on and on. But the truth is the Frontier Republicans are in no way conservative.

The main point of the article is about a lawsuit that was filed by Redcoat Tom Lubnau who was one of the original Redcoated Frontier Republican founders. Apparently, he was upset at Wyoming's process for filling vacancies for elected officials. So much so that while he was speaker of the house, he didn't do a darn thing about it.

From the article quote, "this is clearly a legislative issue Joey Correnti said if there was a legitimate concern about how our replacement process was conducted, you'd think the former speaker would have had those concerns and addressed them when he had the opportunity."

Fortunately for the rest of us, A federal judge gave old Tom Lubnau the good old smackdown. It's like I've been telling you my friends,
it's not larry curly and moe, It's Gail Tom and Joe.

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We'll get back to all Dan Zwonitzer's problems here in just a second.
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And now back to the program.

Moving on. And yet another article in the cow pie entitled "Zwonitzer Calls Complaint About Residency A Political Hit Job" published yesterday and I quote "in an interview with Cowboy State Daily on Friday Zwonitzer called the accusations that he does not live in House district 43 which he has represented for 18 years, ludicrous, adding that the state GOP's call for an investigation into his residency a political hit job" "Why would my own party attack me without giving me the benefit of a simple phone call or email. Zwanziger said."

That's easy Dan because you're not really a Republican. You vote with the Democrats 82% of the time. Oh and there's a mountain of evidence to suggest that you don't live in House District 43 you've been gerrymandering House District 43 lines to benefit yourself. As it relates to that, I prepared a little visual aid for all of you.
It's available on the show content tab at cowboystatepolitics.com and it clearly shows the gerrymandering that Representative Dan Zwonitzer has been engaged in. He drew a little box around his and 15 other properties that are currently in House district 10. So Representative Zwonitzer, why would you do that if you don't have any plans to move into that house? Back to the article. And I quote.

"He added that he has done his best to keep his personal feelings separate from his work on the redistricting maps. As of now, he has no plans to move into House District 10 but he did not rule out the idea in the future. I'm only 42 so never say never. He said."

But that's a little bit different than what he told the Wyoming Tribune Eagle in an article that was published on January 25th. Listen close. Quote "Zonitzer said that when he filed for office in May of 2020, he planned to live in his residence within House District 43 for the duration of his term. But a place that better fit his family's future, inside House District 10 became available in 2021."

Now remember what I always tell you, words matter and if you listen
close people will tell you exactly what they're up to. Let me just read that for you one more time: Quote "Zwonitzer said that when he filed for office in May of 2020, he planned to live in his residence within House District 43 for the duration of his term. But a place that better fit his family's future inside House District 10 became available in 2021."

Not at all what he told the cow pie yesterday. This is a perfect example of why you should always be straight with people. That way,
You don't have to remember your stories after you've told them.

Back to today's edition of political malfeasance in the Cow Pie. In the article Representative Zwonitzer clearly points out that his spouse is registered to that home in House district 10. But the real question my friend is where are you registered to vote? If the location of where Representative Zwonitzer's spouse is registered to vote is a pertinent piece of information, which Dan Zwonitzer brought up himself. (But of course we already knew that.) I suggest that it is also important we find out where Representative Dan Zwonitzer is registered to vote.

And as of January 28th at four p.m. That would be yesterday. Representative Dans wanted sir is registered to vote at 521 Cottonwood Drive. That's his old house. You know the one he sold. On the website You'll find a copy of the warranty deed for 521 Cottonwood Drive dated 22 February 2021. That house is now the property of Jeffrey Allen Caine Jr. You'll notice that that is not the same name as Daniel K. Zwonitzer, the former owner of 521 Cottonwood Drive.

What's peculiar about this? Well, aside from he doesn't even live anywhere close to where he's registered vote, is that politicians generally make a big scene when they go to vote. You know, they want to show their constituents that they're doing their civic duty and that they're doing it the right way.

Well, my question, my friends, is what is the very first thing that happens when you go to go to vote? They verify your address. Isn't that right? And if you've moved, well then they change it for you.
It's actually a pretty simple process. But it kind of begs the question as to why Dan Zwonitzer's voter registration still says 521 Cottonwood Drive.

Hmm. I wonder and if memory serves Laramie County had a 1% specific purpose Sales and use tax election last september. You know, that would have been the perfect time to change one's voter registration,
wouldn't it?

Now, I can't imagine any good blue hearted liberal that would turn down a chance to vote for a tax on everybody, much less one that he actually wanted. Oh, I forget he's a Republican. Bull Crap.

The only reason that R is beside his name is that's the only way that he could probably get elected. Anyhow, so I wonder if he actually voted in that tax election. Wouldn't that be something? Now correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't that be evidence of voter fraud? Yeah,
kind of sounds that way. Lots of stuff to look into on this one eh Representative? Oh, I forget all of this is just ludicrous.

While I'm not in the habit of providing help to Redcoats, I think Dan Zwonitzer could use an example of things that are ludicrous. Here it is again:

<Audio Montage>
A conservative group has found no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the state. Unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud. The New York Times went to every state looking for evidence of fraud and found none. Election officials all across America saying no widespread fraud. There is no evidence to back it up and it is not something that we have experienced here."

What do you think Dan? Still no evidence of voter fraud? A better question is, did you vote for that tax or not?

So if you're keeping track as it relates to Representative Dan Zwonitzer, we have gerrymandering, um probably not living in your district and possible voter fraud. Isn't that amazing?

One last thing I'd like to point out with all of this, do you know,
who hasn't been mentioned by Representative dans wanted in this whole thing? His voters, his constituents. If all of these allegations are true, they have not had a voice in the Wyoming State House of Representatives for almost a year and to not even come out and prove all of these allegations wrong, because you probably can't, is complete disrespect for everyone that lives in House District 43.

Quite a day we've had. We've got Gail, Tom and Joe. Err Larry,
Curly and Moe, I get so confused. Well anyway, we got to talk about the Frontier Republican Redcoats and we got to tell Dan Zwonitzer that he's got way more problems on the way. I'm telling you what could be better than that? Very little my friends, very little.

That'll about do it for this installment of Weekend Update, enjoy the rest of your weekend and we'll talk again on Monday. From the base of the bighorns in beautiful Buffalo, Wyoming, I'm David Iverson and this is Cowboy State Politics.