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Dear Representat‚Äčive Stith

David Iverson - July 22, 2023

Rep Stith,
Tsk, tsk, tsk. Still having trouble with facts, I see.  They are stubborn, it's true.  You and I both know there wasn't a single ad hominem in my op-ed directed at Crago. I did refer to Harshman as "Tax the Rich Harshman;" but that could hardly be considered an insult as he said it himself on the floor.  Wow, you vote with him a lot too.

I thought you would have come up with a more clever response than to call me an amateur.  You are after all more witty than most of your colleagues. If i were merely an amateur why would you deign to respond at all?  One more question on this point: who's slinging the ad hominems at whom?

It's interesting you folks in the RINO Caucus can't find a better example than the one bill that died on the last day. What happened to the other 20 property tax bills? And if you and your pals were so effective, why on earth did you wait until the last day to do anything?  You guys literally could have rammed through anything you wanted.  Wait a minute, if I recall correctly, the liberals (you and your pals) and the Democrats killed several different options.  Hold it right there! Didn't you infer that voting with the Democrats was a terrible thing?

On that point, do you have any idea how many times you personally voted with the Democrats?  Its hard to say as it happens so often.  My guess is several hundred.  Let's see.  I am sure you are just as fond of statistics as my representative but of the 1,566 times you have shared a vote, 1,220 times you have voted with the Democrat Minority Leader Mike Yin.  If you were wondering, 1 is less than 1,220.

As it relates to that,  have you reflected on how many vote totals were 36-26? Hundreds.  There are only 31 liberal "republicans," where did the other 5 votes come from? Oh, that's right, there are 5 Democrats in the House.  If voting with them 1 time is such a crime how would you classify your own voting behavior?
Clark, you really should start being honest in your op-eds.  Remember, a falsehood of omission is still a falsehood.  And, Lord, do you guys like to leave out pesky little details.  HB66 for example: it was Barry Crago who added the huge appropriation to the bill, claiming that CMS would remove all funding from Wyoming if that bill passed.  As you are fully aware, 17 other states have done exactly what that piece of legislation would do.  It hasn't cost them a single red cent.  We, you and I, know that amendment was meaningless as its only purpose was to allow you guys to vote in favor of mask mandates.  I am not quite sure why you worried about it; during the special session you guys voted that way over and over.  From the beginning, you and the Democrats were not going to pass HB66.  So, it's not spending money and it never would have been. 

And speaking of omissions, it was you and the other liberal "republicans" who voted against capping property taxes.  There was a perfect opportunity to effect meaningful property tax relief and you killed it.  The vote was 33-29.  Why leave that little detail out?  Once again, you along with the Democrats defeated the cap on property taxes.

You say that you want to debate person to person?  Fine, let's do that.  You are welcome on my program anytime you like. Just remember, I deal in facts--things that your RINO Caucus  seem to struggle with.  But of course why would you? I'm just an amateur with a very loud microphone.  You know how to get a hold of me.

David Iverson
Owner and Host - Cowboy State Politics

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