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Nothing is What it Seems 1/26

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In order to form a more perfect union do ordain and establish this constitution for the United states of America.
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Here we go.
The only thing funnier than a democrat complaining about how they can't get elected in the state of Wyoming is that same democrat convincing other people to cheat and still not being able to get elected in the state of Wyoming.

Ah Good morning my friends and welcome to another Wednesday episode from high above all other purile and pedantic forms of Wyoming mainstream media. This is cowboy state politics. I of course,
am your illustrious host, David Iverson broadcasting to you from the base of the bighorns in beautiful buffalo Wyoming.

Well, hello again, my friends. Do you remember Nate martin? You know Better Wyoming Nate Martin. Married to Representative Karlee Provenza Nate martin. Getting money from George Soros connected people Nate Martin? Yeah, that guy. Well, he's put out a new video or at least his group Better Wyoming has put out a new little educational video on how evil Republicans are because they happen to be gerrymandering all over the place.

The funny part about it is he's actually correct. At least halfway Republicans are gerrymandering, Redcoated Frontier Republicans, That is.

But before we get to any of that, a little egregious self promotion.
You can listen to the podcast on any of your favorite podcasting apps.
I-Heart Radio, Itunes Tune-in, really any of them will work. But the easiest way is just to go to the website Cowboystatepolitics.com.
There you can find all of the shows as well as any of the articles that I might bring up during the course of a program. If your name is Nate martin and you're one of these people that wants to mislead all Wyoming citizens, Well, you can go to cowboystatepolitics.com, pull up an article and find out why it was a really dumb idea to do that.

In the annals of dumb ideas, Nate martin has never been one to shirk away from a challenge. Oh no, he usually reaches for the stars, goes the extra mile gives everything his best shot. In fact, if you go to his website better Wyoming dot org, actually it's BetterWYO.org, he says, and I quote,

"Better Wyoming works to educate, organize and mobilize Wyoming residents on behalf of statewide change. We provide fresh alternatives to the stagnant conservative narratives that dominate Wyoming state politics." End, quote.

We're going to get back to that whole narrative part a little bit later, but I think it's worthwhile to remember exactly who Nate Martin is and where he gets his money.

This is from an episode we did not that long ago entitled Not So Innocent After All. Here it is,

<Audio Flashback>
Nate martin's group better Wyoming is funded by an outfit called the George B Storer Foundation. This was reported in an article in the Red Star--Casper Star Tribune on December 30th 2017 entitled "Feisty Group Better Wyoming Uses Divisive Tactics to Push Progressive Politics" says, quote,

"Better Wyoming is tied to Wyoming's mainstream left. It was created as a communications arm of Forward Wyoming, a left leaning political group backed by Jackson, philanthropist Liz Storer, who also funds the liberal political consulting firm Ella Wyoming." end, quote,

Ah yes, show me your friends and I'll show you your future. The George B Store Foundation that would be Liz Storer's outfit also funds the Equality State Policy Center and is a member of this outfit called the Environmental Grantmakers Association, who is also has great members like the Tides Foundation, who is funded mainly by George Soros's Open Society Foundation. This group has some fascinating people that are involved in it. Take for example, Rachel Lyon. Now she is an influential person in a group called Common Cause who was given $2.25 million by George Soros's Open Society Institute and another $1.395 million from George Soros' Foundation to Promote an Open Society. John Jensen was a board chairman, he's the executive director of the Park Foundation who funds Common Cause, who it gets money from the Tides Foundation and George Soros Raya Su is a former board member, she's head of the Natural Resources Defense Council whose major donor is Tom Steyer and you guessed it, The Tides Foundation. Ken Grosinger, who's the chairman of this Environmental Grantmakers Association is a consultant for what's called the Democracy Alliance who received $23 million from George Soros himself--talk about shadowy figures and spooky money sources. This group is a money pass-through organization so that rich leftists can give money, pass it through this organization and get it to their intended source, like the Environmental Grantmakers Association, so that, that money makes its way to other leftist groups like the Equality State Policy Center and Better Wyoming.

So the groups that are tied to liberal financier George Soros, who is an admitted nazi sympathizer and broke the Bank of England. So most of these groups, including Better Wyoming, received funding through a spider web of funding sources, most of which originate with George Soros. And just for a little refresher, here's a piece from Gravitas plus, explaining exactly who George Soros is. Here it is.

<Audio from Gravitas Plus>
Hello and welcome to Gravitas Plus, I'm Polke Sharma. Have you ever heard of black Wednesday? It refers to an event in September 1992 when George Soros and a group of investors forced Britain to withdraw its pound from the european exchange rate mechanism. ERM in other words. they forced the pound out of existence. How was this done?
Soros placed an enormous bet against the British Pound, He said it would sink below the lowest currency exchange limit. More investors place their bets assuming this would happen. Their actions put a lot of pressure on the pound. It sank further, ultimately pushing the United Kingdom out of the ERM. All of these investors made money around $300 million. But Soros was the winner, earning $1.5 billion in just one month. The score earned him legendary status and boosted his firm's wealth to $7 billion. They started calling him "The Man Who Broke the Bank of England." Today, They call him a master manipulator of the global order, an unregulated billionaire with a messiah complex. Some say he can bring down not just currencies but entire systems"
<End Gravitas Plus Audio>

Like I said spooky dude. So now we know where a lot of these liberal groups including Better Wyoming get most of their funding--through a spider web of different funding sources which originate with George Soros, the guy who broke the Bank of England. So yesterday, Nate Martin's group Better Wyoming released a little video on facebook,
talking about redistricting and accusing Republicans of gerrymandering. Now that's about the only part that has some truth in it. There are Redcoated Frontier Republicans who are engaged in gerrymandering, like Representative Dans Zwonitzer. We'll get to him a little bit later on in the episode. But he is engaged in gerrymandering. He is trying to redistrict his own house back into house district 43. So that part of Nate Martin's video is a little bit true, but the rest of it, not even close.

Here's a little piece of it:

<Better Wyoming Audio Clip.>
Right now Albany County has three Democrats in the Wyoming house. If this map becomes law, there could be only one. It's all a question of how they draw the lines. At the same time, the makers of this new map went out of their way to protect their political allies. Let's take a look at the other side of this proposed new district which stretches all the way to western Cheyenne. Here it is zoomed in the new district is the shaded portion on the left. You can see the boundary running north and south down the main thoroughfare roundtop road. But just a little ways down the map, the boundary line takes a weird little jut out to the left to omit a specific neighborhood. Then it returns to round top road and runs south all the way to interstate 80.
Similarly at the bottom of the map, you can see where the district line runs along Terry Ranch Road, another main thoroughfare, but then carves out a little neighborhood to the south of Terry Ranch Road and then returns. Why all this zigzagging? Well, it turns out that the makers of this map specifically drew the new district lines around the homes of sitting legislators in this case Jim Blackburn and Clarence Stvar so that they would not be impacted by this new district.

Election district should be drawn in order to group together communities of interest. They should be drawn along county lines and other common sense boundaries and overall they should be drawn to ensure fair representation in our government. They should not be zigzagging all over the map in order to include or exclude current legislators homes from specific districts, which is just a means of protecting one's friends and propping up the good old Boys club.
<End Better Wyoming Audio>

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Good old Boys Club Indeed, but it's not the one that Nate Martin wants you to believe it is. First, the two legislators that he mentioned,
Jim Blackburn and Clarence Styvar would have to run against each other. So the effect of that would be to eliminate one conservative legislator from the House of Representatives. Second by all of that zigzagging around as Nate Martin put it, it removes a conservative legislator from the district that he's talking about.

That means that the Democrats that he's so fond of don't have to run against one of the most conservative legislators in the House of Representatives--Clarence Styvar. And this last part, this is laughable.

The map was drawn by one of the most liberal legislators in the House of Representatives--Representative Dan Zwonitzer. According to Evidencebasedwyoming.com Dan Zwonitzer sides with the Democrats, 82% of the time.

So yes, it is the Good old Boys Club but it's the liberal one,
regardless of what Nate martins, ridiculously misleading videos says. The redistricting plan put forth by Representative Dan Zwonitzer favors red coated frontier Republicans like Zwonitzer and Democrats.

One last amazing piece about Mr Nate Martin from Better Wyoming. He claims to be all about election integrity and making sure that the scales are fair and that we can't advantage one group over another.
I agree with that last part of course, but Nate martin is not what he appears to be. he gets his funding from liberal financier George Soros and he actively encourages people to subvert our electoral process.

This last part can be entitled, "the internet is forever Nate my boy."

Redcoats and Democrats claim all the time that crossover voting never happens and that's not a problem in Wyoming. Crossover voting is when a Democrat switches their party affiliation the day of the primary election and then changes it back for the general election. This is made possible by existing Wyoming law. Ridiculous. I know, but it happens In the last election, there was a huge number of verifiable crossover votes that took place in the primary election.

All you have to do is compare party registration the day before the primary election to the party registration after the primary election.
And it's as plain as the nose on my face. Crossover voting happens and it's encouraged by Nate martin of Better Wyoming. That's what I said. Mr election integrity actively encourages crossover voting or manipulating an election.

In an article published on a website called "Planet Jackson Hole."
Yeah, I know everybody else in Wyoming already thinks that Jackson Hole is on a different planet but this is really the name of a website. The article was published on august 2nd of 2018 entitled quote, "If You Love Public Lands Register Republican in the August Primary to Stop Hagemann" written by none other than Better Wyoming's founder, Nate martin.

And I quote,
"I'm not going to tell you which GOP candidate to pick but Hagemann's website attacking Gordon and Galeotos, Wrong for Wyoming, provides helpful information. It also shows a hellish future for Wyoming if we don't elect her renewable energy intact ecosystems business with american flags in front of them. You can help make Hagemann's hell a reality and protect Wyoming's public lands. Wyoming makes it simple. Change your registration and vote in the GOP primary on the same day."
End quote.

Well now it appears that Nate Martin isn't about election integrity at all. In fact, Nate martin is a George Soros backed political operative that will do anything to get Democrats elected in the state of Wyoming up to and including encouraging crossover voting and completely misleading you about redistricting. Oh and Nate good buddy, this article is never going away. If you've forgotten what you wrote four years ago, you can find it at cowboystatepolitics.com.
You're welcome.

Speaking of Redcoats and political malfeasance, Representative Dan Zwonitzer has finally responded to all of these allegations about where he lives. Well sort of in the Wyoming tribune Eagle.
An article published yesterday, Zwanziger said, and I quote, "this came out of the blue, nobody has talked to me about this yet. Zwonzizer said this has been out of nowhere and it all came down very quickly." End quote.

Yeah, me too. I'm a little baffled. I have no idea how all of this came about so quickly. Anyway, the article continues quote, "It's not a secret at all. Zwoniter told the Wyoming tribune Eagle, Everybody in the legislature knows this. The county party chairwoman knows this. The majority speaker knows it. The floor leaders know it." End, quote.

I don't think so. And if what you say is true Dan, they're all complicit in your political treachery. Anyway, he says, quote, we have an apartment complex and so throughout the last year after I did sell my house in 2021, we did move four blocks away to an apartment."

Now, here's where I want you to read very carefully quote, "Zwonitzer said that when he filed for office in May of 2020, he planned to live in his residence within House District 43 for the duration of his term. But a place that better fit his family's future. Inside House District 10 became available in 2021" end quote.

Property deeds that have been provided to Cowboy State Politics show that Dan Zwonitzer and his spouse are listed as the owner occupant for that home in House District 10 and let me just throw one more thing at you if those copies of property deeds which are on the website at Cowboystatepolitics.com are true and if they're not, it means the title company is in bed with Zwonitzer. which I highly doubt if thats true, then Dan Zwonitzer has been paid for his activities with the Wyoming State legislature for over a year when he's been in violation of Wyoming statute.

So let's just stop with this whole apartment business because all evidence points to the contrary and the comment that was provided by Dan Zwonitzer to the Wyoming Tribune Eagle clearly intimates that his residence is in House district 10.

One more time. He planned to live in his residence within House District 43 for the duration of his term but a place that better fit his family's future inside House District 10 became available in 2021.

Like I said, those documents are available at Cowboystatepolitics.com.
Now I've intentionally blacked out the address so you can't see it on the documents and that the only reason I did that is I don't believe in doxing. The man has a family and he has Children. He may be corrupt and he's definitely engaged in gerrymandering but I just don't believe in doxing somebody.

Moving on to our next Redcoat of the episode Tom Lubnau. Now this guy used to be the speaker of the House of Representatives. He's now a lawyer that lives in Gillette. He just doesn't agree with how vacancies are filled in the state legislature or in any of the five elected positions in the state of Wyoming so much so that he's filed a lawsuit against the Wyoming Republican Party.

He claims that that process violates the one man one vote principle that was set forth in a Supreme Court decision. So the process is pretty simple when somebody resigns their office like the State Superintendent of public instruction, then the party of which they were a member gets to choose three options for the governor to pick their replacement from.

This is the legal process by which vacancies are filled in the state of Wyoming. It's been the same process even when Tom Lubnau was the speaker of the house but because the Wyoming Republican Party did not choose a Redcoat to replace Jillian Balow, Tom Lubnau is a little upset. So much so and it meant so much to him that he couldn't even attend the state central committee meeting that was held in Douglas this past weekend. No no he was too busy and too concerned with the process that he couldn't even show up.

Now we have to take Redcoat Tom Lubnau at his word and just agree that he's so concerned with this process that it violates every principle of our republic. It's so vexes him that he didn't have a problem with how Hans Hunt's position was replaced by J.D. Williams and he didn't have a problem with how Marc Kinner originally got his seat in Sheridan County. And I fully expect a lawsuit to come with the replacement of Campbell County Commissioner DG Reardon. That's probably not going to happen. And the reason we know this that one of the people that are plaintiffs in the lawsuit is Dave Northrup, former Representative Dave Northrup. He was one of the candidates for State Superintendent of Public instruction at the meeting last Saturday in Douglas, Wyoming.

Why wasn't he chosen? During his time as state representative, Mr Northrup was mr tax and spend and he voted in favor of Senate file 104. Do you remember that one? Oh yeah that was a Senate bill that attempted to strip the State Superintendent of Public instruction from being an elected position to being an appointed position.

That was Representative Northrup. No wonder why he didn't get selected as one of the three candidates to replace Jillian Balow because he's a red coat and the people making the decision last Saturday was a room full of conservatives that fought tooth and nail to defeat Senate file 104. And they ended up having to take it all the way to the Supreme Court who ruled that it's unconstitutional.

So why is this lawsuit being filed? Because Tom Lubnau didn't get the person selected that he wanted. Another thing about Tom Lubnau is he's one of the original founders of the frontier republicans. It's absolutely true. And somewhere I've got some audio to that effect,
I'll try to dig it up for Saturday's installment of weekend update.

But this lawsuit is entirely politically motivated. It's not going to go anywhere and its only purpose is to try to bleed the Wyoming Republican Party dry by dragging them into court at every opportunity.
One more interesting point about this lawsuit, at least for this episode, is that a few of the plaintiffs used to be officials at the Red Star. The lesson here is nothing is as it seems when you look at all of the big political stories that are happening in the state of Wyoming right now.

None of it is being reported fairly for the vast majority of the Wyoming press. Reason for that is most of them are very, very liberal. For example, the implications with Representative Dan Zwonitzer's situation are huge. If the allegations are true as I believe they most definitely are, it means that Dan Zwonitzer has been illegitimately acting as a Wyoming state representative for almost a year. That includes two legislative sessions and multiple meetings of the corporations elections and political subdivisions committee.

If they are true, it means that he's been getting paid by the Citizens of Wyoming for a position that he was not qualified for for almost a year. And if they are true, there is absolutely precedents to prosecute him for it.

A few years ago, Caroline Paseneaux was prosecuted criminally for failing to report a change of residence when she was in the legislature. So this is a huge story and it has implications that are far reaching not only for Representative Dan Zwonitzer, but for the entire Wyoming state legislature and all citizens of Wyoming. Fortunately though, we have Cowboy State Politics to expose all of these Redcoats as they absolutely deserve to be.

That'll about do it for this edition of Cowboy State Politics.

From the base of the Bighorns in beautiful Buffalo, Wyoming, I'm David Iverson, and this is Cowboy State Politics.